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Is It Time To Renovate Your Bedroom Flooring?

You decided you want to change the flooring in your bedroom, so where do you start?

When picking bedroom flooring it’s important to know what type of flooring works best for each area of the house. For instance, laminate is a great choice for your bathroom flooring since it is water-resistant, but will it work well in your bedroom especially with your furniture?

If you don’t mind having everyone take off their shoes, a softer plush carpet always works well for a bedroom or any room in your home. But, if you have a lot of foot traffic or pets, carpet can get dirty fast or begin to show wear over a shorter period of time. Heavier furniture (a bed or dresser) on hardwood, vinyl, or laminate can also be damaging to flooring versus carpet which should also be a consideration.

One recommendation we always make is if you do choose carpet for your bedroom or any other rooms in your home, don’t skimp on quality, softness, or padding as you will really appreciate over time walking barefoot on a softer, higher-quality carpet. 

Abbey Carpet & Floor is committed to providing you with an exceptional floor buying or remodeling experience.

Now see all your flooring possibilities in your home before visiting our store! Super easy to use, fast and efficient with flooring styles and designs from all the major brands you know and trust! With Abbey Carpet & Floor, we are always here to help...

From shopping to purchasing to a professional installation, the Pro’s at Abbey Carpet & Floor will work with you focusing on all the details and committed to exceeding your expectations.

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